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Bruce Downing

I grew up in South Africa until I qualified as a computer programmer - which I never did again :) … however that took me indirectly to spend nearly two decades in Asia, and now currently in Wimbledon, United Kingdom. Starting off in Africa an traveling to any country I could find and place I could find and afford, usually on a "shoestring" budget - at any opportunity, often un-researched - I just went. ... not much has changed to date! So much for getting older and wiser!! :)


It didn't take me long to realize in these distant foreign lands, that those so very less fortunate than the most of us, are in so many ways just happier than the rest of us ... almost as if they just don't realize the very real hardships they live through each and every day. This has always amazed me and driven me to photography.


They are simply beautiful people, unselfish happy people only ever just trying to get by. This complimented by the fascination I find in the places and environments they live in - beautiful fields, side roads, mountains or hidden alleyways in some remote or derelict building. In my mind equally spectacular and uniquely beautiful.


I love life, love people, love travel, and cultures. Imaging these and their moments of time is my life passion!!


I hope you enjoy my images as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.



Bruce Downing